Saturday, June 8, 2013

Spring Has Sprung Quilt ~ #TBCcrafters

I love Spring! I always look forward to getting out and playing in the dirt each Spring. Being a Master Gardener comes in handy and getting the yard cleaned up and planted with new life is always exciting.

I also love to quilt. Can't say I am as good at quilting as I am at gardening, but I sure give it a good try. So when I had a chance to join a Spring quilt swap I did.

Now to explain some of the basics of quilting and how I did this quilt please check this post HERE. I did pretty much the same thing making this little quilt. The things I did a little different were to attach some yoyos  and the vase by slip stitching them to the front and I zigzagged the stems as well. All the quilting was done by machine.
But this is where this project really differs from my last little quilt I shared. The yoyos were not made by me. About a year and a half ago I went to New York to help my Mom downsize and get ready to move into a small apartment, something she would be able to care for more easily. During the whole downsizing process we discovered a lot of fun treasures. One of those treasures was a good sized pink box full of pre-made yoyos and cut fabric to make more. My grandmother (Mom's mom) started making her second yo-yo quilt and never finished it. The box had been sitting around for a long time, a very long time! My Grandma died in 1969! I was really excited to find the box and my Mom was more than glad to let me have it. There weren't enough to make a full size quilt, nor would I be able to find similar material to make more, so I couldn't wait to find a project to use the yoyos for.

The picture above to the right is my Grandma and Grandpa when they got married in 1924. She made the yoyos in the 1950's.

Along came this quilt swap and here you have my creation, simple and reflects what Spring is to me, new life and sharing beauty! And I got to share a part of myself and my Grandma! Thanks Grandma!!

Here is a good video I found that explains how to make a yoyo! Click HERE! They are easy as all get out and you can make a zillion things with them. It's a great way to use up fabric scraps.

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  1. I love the story behind this, I love that you were able to add treasures to your collection, and carry on the history of your family! It's a nice quilt! I can't sew at all lol, but this looks great!! Thank you for sharing and don't forget to link up.

  2. Beautiful! I have always wanted to create a quilt. I don't have a sewing machine but I know I can make those yoyo's! Thanks for sharing this wonderful craft!

  3. The story behind is so beautiful and nothing would be better than hands down from a beloved one. The yoyos are just so adorable.

  4. what a wonderful story behind it! Crafts are even more precious when they have generations of stories to tell.

    I always wanted to create a quilt and maybe I just need ans inspiration just like yours. Thank you for sharing.

  5. The quilt is so so cute. It is always so nice when you find a hidden treasure especially something like that and to be able to use it on something that you wanted to make anyways and will be able to pass down is so great. Thanks for sharing about it all.

  6. Love it. So inspiring! Things like this are so much nicer than anything we can buy in a store. They just don't last most of the time but this will. Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a great find! I know that makes your quilt priceless to you!! And it's very cute! Thanks for sharing!