Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Time To Be Thinking About BUGS!!!

I'm sitting here watching the snow fall and I know even though winter is still hitting us with a small storm Spring is not far off. Before we know it the flowers will be blooming, birds will be building nests and our ever favorite critters will be taking up residence in our homes ~ PESTS!

Now I am not afraid of insects (except spiders, eeeeewwww), but I do not like them. I certainly do not like them in my home! Rodents are also another thing that I don't want making themselves feel welcome living with us. Since we live in a small town in a rural area it seems like we always have one or another "critter" deciding to live with us. We have had silverfish, spiders, mice, ants, and crickets in abundance over the years, to say the least about lady bugs and elder berry beetles. I think that is enough bugs for any home!

Dealing with insects and rodents can be a big problem. It just seems like the harder you try the worse things get. That's why dealing with them on your own is not a good idea. All of them carry things or do things that are not good for us humans. It's something that as a homeowner and even a renter has to be concerned about and vigilant about keeping on top of. The last thing you want to do is put off dealing with an infestation!
Moxie Pest Control is one of the companies that can help you deal with critter invasions. Here's what they say about their help:

Initial Treatment: Moxie’s Pest Protection Service begins with a licensed technician providing a full inspection of your residence and property. During the inspection, the source of all problem areas will be identified, as well as potential pest harborages. Your technician will create a customized treatment plan for your specific target pests year-round, using the most effective and environmentally-conscious pest control solutions.
Protection Program: With Moxie’s Pest Protection Program, not only will we control your current pests, but help prevent any future invaders. Moxie will return the following month to rid the home of any surviving adult pests and prevent new hatchlings from reproducing. Because most infestations originate outside, your technician will focus on the outer perimeter of the home and outlying areas of the yard. Future service treatments will be exterior-only, without requiring you to be home or having to worry about scheduling conflicts.
That's something you can really count on. With some companies, they come out, service your home and say adios, never to be heard from again. Knowing you have a company that not only takes care of the current problem but will be there to make sure it doesn't happen again is peace of mind.

Their website has a lot of really good information on it. You can locate a Moxie Pest Control company near you and learn more about the specific services they provide. I love the section though on common pests. There is a lot of really good information on some of the most common critters we get in and around our homes and the dangers involved with having them there. Very good reading and I encourage you to read up on them!

You can get more information about Moxie Pest Control when you CLICK HERE.

So what critters do you get in your home every Spring? Leave a comment with what you and your family deal with each year.


  1. I know what you mean about bugs. Here in New Mexico we have ant problems in the summer

  2. Ugh, we have ants on the floor right now!

  3. I am sooo not looking forward to the bugs coming back out! :(

  4. It's really nice to have this kind of services.

  5. We have an exterminator who comes monthly. It's so nice to have someone to call when we have a problem with spiders or bees.

  6. We don't have any issues where we live now, but our old apartment was were infested with spiders, ants, mice and voles (similar to a mole but smaller). Our landlord told us to be thankfu we had cats that were catching the mice. When he didn't want to do anything about the problem we knew we had to get out of there ASAP!

  7. We take care of spraying and pest control ourselves. It would be great to have someone else do it for a change!


  8. I think the bugs in my town are some type of mutants species. I am waiting for them to form together and take over the town :)