Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Have You Ever Thought of eLearning Development? Well You Should!

Did you ever wonder what went into preparing training classes and educational programs? Most people don't, but as someone who spent many years with her primary job educating people in specific fields, I can really appreciate what goes into any learning experience.

You may be reading this and wondering why I am sharing it. Well to be honest I was asked to, but also because I think it is important to know why things cost what they do no matter what it is you are purchasing. What are you really paying for in the long run? And let's face it, furthering your education no matter what your age or occupation, is always a good thing. I firmly believe that you should never stop trying to learn. Many employers require that you continue with education to keep up to date and aware of developments and changes for the company you work for.

So what does go into, for example, custom elearning development? Today there is much more schooling being done online than ever in the past and it is expected to continue to grow each year. So what does it cost to put together and elearning experience?

This graphic will really help explain what goes into a 1 hour class session. The True Cost of 1 Hour of Learning - Infographic
Leanforward – eLearning Solutions

Much of what is expressed here is a little subjective, but it does really help you see that in developing an educational experience the cost can be tremendous. It helps you to see why things can cost as much as they do and appreciate the value. I know I have questioned why online programs with or without an instructor cost so much at different times. But again, as a former instructor myself,  I know the time and effort that went into preparing for and studying for a one hour teaching session and it adds up quickly.

Knowledge is powerful, even when it comes to understanding the expenses in our lives including that of education online or off line.


  1. My husband is currently attending college. He has done online and school based classes. I guess I never paid attention to the cost, I sure will now though :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I want to online courses that fit into my schedule. It is a lot of work!

  3. I agree, keep our knowledge up to date becomes more critical this time. Everything change so fast ...