Monday, August 6, 2012

Lock Up Safety for Students With Master Lock!

Having a son in college I can be concerned sometimes about not only his safety, but the safety of all the things he takes with him. Sometimes I hate to think about how much financially we have in all of his "stuff" that he takes. It really could add up quickly, so keeping it safe is important to me and him.

The most important thing and the most expensive is his laptop. Being in a dorm room people are in and out all the time, some he knows, some not so much. So keeping his laptop safe and secure is tops on our list. He has a special cupboard that he takes with him that can be locked up to keep it and other items in his room safe (X-box, i-Pod, etc...) That cupboard was one of the best investments we have made for him. When he is not in his room and does not have his laptop with him we know and he knows that it is safely locked up! So my best advice for anyone with a college student is to invest in a small cupboard that they can take with them to lock up their valuables in. He even has a small safe for very valuable things!!

So how is your knowledge of safety and security? I was surprised to find out how little I did know. I thought I was pretty safe and knowledgeable. I think what you will learn there will be invaluable to you!  You can test your knowledge HERE:

I am writing this as an entry in a contest for a Master Lock back-to-school prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club!

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  1. That safe sounds interesting. When my girls and I travel, we'll have a kindle or 2, a nook, a laptop, a camera, and cell phones. I need to invest in something like you're describing. You can never be too careful.